Bandit Signs Part 2

Bandit Signs Part 2

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As a full time Canadian real estate investor, we must be continuously looking for new ways to drive business to us. We have to realize that we are our business and we must be responsible for our business. Our time is our most precious commodity so we must use it wisely.  Resting on previous triumphs or letting one or two realtor be the sole sources for your deals is a quick way to go from aq full time to a  part time investor.

So why Bandit Signs?

This form of advertising is excellent and very inexpensive, as mentioned. The challenge of using bandit signs is: Having the time to put these signs out.

Deciding whether to hire out or do it yourself.

I suggest, at least at first, to do it yourself, so that you can experience the rush in doing this. Now a lot of you may be thinking: “putting signs up and running out in the middle of the street is not my cup of tea. Putting these signs out is beneath me and I don’t think I have the desire to do this.”

Well let me tell you folks: this is some of the best advertising you can get. I encourage you all to do this, and if you are not going got do this yourself, then at least hire someone who will do it for you.

I would like to give you a brief story about the first time I put out bandit signs. A lot of people think they are illegal. Technically the posting of bandit signs is illegal according to the municipality, but like I said, if there are signs out there, then they have not chosen to enforce it. Please check in your area before proceeding.

My bandit sign beginning

The first time I put out bandit signs, I didn’t want to be seen by anyone. I didn’t want to get “busted” as it were. So ,I waited unit midnight on a Friday night. I had all my signs prepared, with the cable ties already pierced through the sign so I could quickly tie the sign around the pole. I waited until there were no cars anywhere, and ran out to the middle of the road, where I started installing my first sign.

Being that it was my first sign, I was fumbling quite a lot with the cable ties while trying to tie the sign around the pole. And at that moment, I look up to see headlights coming towards me, and I start thinking “oh my gosh, hurry up and get this sign on already!”  My heart began to beat faster.

I start trying to work faster, and the faster I went the more I struggled and fumbled. Ultimately this car pulls up right beside me in this left hand turn lane, and the window goes down. I think to myself “I can’t believe it! My very first sign and I am already getting busted!.” I’m freaking internally at this point thinking this guy is going to scream at me for doing what I’m doing.

How do I get to the highway?

The driver looks at me with a non-descript expression, and says “Excuse me, can you tell me how to get to the highway from here?”  Well, my heart went from being in my throat to slowly subsiding to a more regular, yet still quickly paced  beat, and I gave him directions to the highway.

The general public doesn’t really care

I tell you this story for the simple reason. Nobody really cares that you are putting signs out. In fact, no one cares at any time of the day.

I now hire people, and still put them out myself on occasion. It does not matter what time of the day I put them out, since I don’t care whether people see me or not.

So please take it upon yourself to get these signs put out. Your phone will start ringing once you taken the time to do this in quality locations.

In another article I will get into the best slogans to use for your signs.

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