Magnetic Signs

Magnetic Signs

As a full-time Canadian real estate investor, we must be continuously looking for new ways to drive business to us.

We have to realize that we are our business and we must be responsible for our business. Our time is our most precious commodity so we must use it wisely.  Resting on previous triumphs or letting one or two realtor be the sole sources for your deals is a quick way to go from a full-time to a part-time Canadian real estate investor.

Advertising is key

Advertising is one of the keys, as a full-time Canadian real estate investor, to continuously create massive and passive income for yourself. You cannot simply rely on a realtor to bring deals to you. You must always be expending your search in as many areas as possible to have deals consistently coming in to you, and keep your phone ringing on a regular basis.

So how do we do that? Previously we spoke about the advantages of the bandit sign. We will now speak about magnetic signs.

Proof that it works

We are still continually in the presence of vehicles. as we observe them, while driving or as a pedestrian, our eyes are drawn to ads on other people’s vehicles, so we prove it to ourselves that it works.

So why can’t we do this ourselves?

Advertising with Magnetic Signs

For this style of advertising, we must use a magnetic sign that is approximately 18” by 12” inches, (bigger if possible). If you are really committed to this medium, then you can obtain a car wrap, which is a very thin layer of plastic that goes over your car windows and doors.

The magnetic sign fixes on your car door or trunk, and alerts people to what you do: essentially making you a driving billboard. It is very important to ensure that you drive courteously, as you now have your phone number on your car.

I have had a few unique experiences that resulted from my advertising strategy.

The first one I had was a phone call while I was at a stop-light. The caller started talking to me about their property and their financial situation. They happened to be behind on their mortgage payments and they were responding to a sign  on my car.

They needed to get out of the house as fast as possible, and explained that they had very little time to do this. Now the funny part of this is that they were right beside me at the time.  I drove past a few more stop lights, and I didn’t realize that they were following me while we were talking.

During our conversation, I also happened to be driving closer and closer to their property. So when I was about a block away from the turn into their subdivision, they said “listen, we are just behind you, would you mind stopping in and seeing the property?”

I was able to go immediately to the property, actually check it out myself, , and was able to make a deal right then that tied up that property. I was able to help them out of their situation and close on that property.

Why should I use a Magnetic Sign?

So you never know where the call is going to come from, by whatever means, but this is yet another way to get yourself out there in the public eye. It helps establish that you are the go-to person in your community to help people in real estate and/or financial troubles.

Where can I get a Custom Magnetic Sign?

You can get these magnetic signs done at a printer. Before you order, make sure that the thickness of this magnetic sign is at least 10 mm thick. If they are too thin, they will actually blow off your car, so you want ensure that they provide good gripping power.

So please, get your magnetic signs to help you attract more business, and be able to do more deals than every before.

Happy and safe advertising!
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