Top Ten Marketing Tips For Real Estate Investors

Top Ten Marketing Tips For Real Estate Investors

As a full-time Canadian real estate investor, we need to create massive and passive income for ourselves. We cannot only rely on a realtor to help build our portfolio, otherwise we could become broke  or our portfolio could grow very slowly. We must however rely on our marketing skills to create many, many deals for us.

The following are my top ten marketing tips:

10)   Billboard advertising:

Although it sounds expensive, your ad on a billboard in the right area can get you many, many calls. Consider how much “face-time” that you will get by having a billboard on a busy street . This may cost only a few hundred to a thousand (ish)dollars for a month and consequently can become very inexpensive when a deal is created.

9) Shirt that has your key slogan on it:

Wearing a t-shirt with something as simple as “I Buy Houses Fast” will have people stopping you to ask about it. Think of where people that are in “financial situations” are going about their daily lives and go there wearing your shirt.

8) Having a hat that says what you do:

As with the T-shirt, this will potentially get people coming up to you perhaps with a situation that could turn into a deal for you.

7)  Notice  tickets

A  notice is something that looks perhaps like a yellow parking ticket with black writing  with an adhesive strip like a sticky note along the back. Carry these  in your car and if you see any potential property that looks like there could be a “situation” going on, stop and attach the notice to the front door.   Have it say “NOTICE” at the top and then below it a discertation of your strategies to help these people.

6) Bandit Signs

Bandit signs are very effective as they get alot of exposure and are very cheap advertizing. They are currogated cardboardsigns that are frequently put up at busy traffic signals  that have your key slogan on them.

5) Sign on your Car

You can get magnetic signs that attach to the side of your car that have your slogan. Have an action phrase that can get people to call you to create more business. As a suggestion, have a good driving ethic as you will have your phone number on the sign.

4) Networking

Networking is a major tool to create more business. If done effectively (as mentioned in a previous article), it can produce outstanding results. Network, network, network! Your net-work equals your net-worth. The more you network, the more you create relationships with people and the more business you will do.

3) Internet Ads

The internet is an amazing tool, and to utilize it properly can get you an incredible amount of face-time (since people are actually in front of your ad), and however intriguing you make that ad, you can create business for yourself.

2) Business Cards

Having the proper business card is so very, very important. Having something with a beautiful logo with your name that says you are vice-president, president, or owner of such-and-such is a complete waste of time. Your business card should have action phrases on it that get people to either pass it on or are driven to call you.

And the number one Top Ten Tip is……

1) Create a Bird-dog Network

I spoke in a previous article about creating a birddog network. Birddogs are people who are out there in neighbourhoods who, as part of their jobs, can alert you to potential “situations”  that are going on that can lead to deals. You educate them on how to look at a property to judge if it could be a “situation”. If the property has any tell-tale signs of  tall grass or just something going on with the property (hydro or phone getting turned off, delivering a collection letter, etc.)

If you begin to utilize these ten tips, you will be getting many more calls which will lead to much more business.

Happy marketing to you!

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