Mindset Equals Success

Mindset Equals Success

Continuing in the series ” Becoming a Successful Real Estate Investor

To become a successful full time real estate investor and to become a multi-millionaire requires a different mindset. You must agree that millionaires think differently than the average person. The first attribute millionaires have over the average person is they have clear defined goals. I mentioned the results from a recent study in a previous article: 95% of people do not have written goals, and only 5% of people do.

A shocking statistic

In the same way, 95% of all people, by the time they turn 65  will be dead or dead broke. Only 5% of the population will actually be financially independent. This may be shocking to some of you, but I hope this is encouraging in a way.

If only 5% of the population has written goals and 5% of the population is financially independent, does it not make sense to become a goal writer?  Am I suggesting this is  the same 5%?  I think it perhaps would be close. My point here is that if we create a mindset for ourselves that is unwavering, we have a very high percentage of success. We do however need the education necessary to not only think differently as a person, but also as a real estate investor.

How do we begin to think differently?

1)   Clear defined goals. A tangible goal that is outside of ourselves, that is more than just making money. Money will become a byproduct of that goal.

2)  Desire. We need to make the conscious choice to want to change our lives. This desire to want to get away from our “same ole, same ole” and transform our mind and our daily actions. In other words, to be able to do everything necessary as a real estate investor to become successful takes a major life changing decision.

3)    Determination. This characteristic will keep you going if we feel that one deal hasn’t gone as good as it should have, or collapses before closing, or a myriad of other situations that can happen as a real estate investor. Determination will keep us from being discouraged, have the focus to press on and realize that real estate is just a numbers game. This means for instance,  the more advertising you put out there, the more calls you will get  and as a result, the more successful you will be; the more calls you get, the more deals you do, the more successful you will be.

4)    Drive. We need the unwavering drive to be able to do something different every day which is moves you towards your ultimate goal. Drive is very important to have because it will allow you to shake off any particular negative situation that may happen, knowing that it is just a part of the business. Negative things happen in every business, the quicker you can get over it and move on the next deal will ensure your success.

5)    Discipline. This is the key in enabling you to get off your couch every day, to do the necessary things, (even the unpleasant ones), in order for you to create a successful, lucrative real estate business.

Change your mindset and change your life!

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Navtaj Chandhoke