The Role of a Personal Assistant

The Role of a Personal Assistant

As a full-time Canadian real estate investor, we must be actively creating massive and passive income for ourselves on a regular basis. Our time is our most precious commodity and therefore must use it wisely. We get the most profitable use from our time by doing deals, not by doing small tasks.  There are many facets of being a full-time real estate investor that are very important yet quite time-consuming. If we are able to pass of some of these duties to somebody else, it will be more likely that we can be focusing on doing more deals.

The personal assistant can do many things for you that will improve your business and make it more streamlined:

1)    Taking calls – As a full time real estate investor you will have to be marketing on a regular basis. Marketing creates phone calls which create leads. Sometimes there are too many phone calls to take, so your personal assistant can take those calls, pre-screen those potential leads and get the necessary information from them. From this point it can be determined if this call requires you to follow up.

2)    Follow-up – This can also be done by a personal assistant. You can train your assistant to be in charge of particular areas of the business such as screening potential tenants or rent to own candidates and so on. They can also gather property info; they can explain what you do and how you can potentially help their situation; they can get the details from that owner regarding the situation they are in and in turn are able to them make quick decisions on what to do with that property.

3)    Marketing – This is a huge part of being a full time real estate investor. Your personal assistant can create ads for you and place them on a regular basis. Your personal assistant can help you with your day-to-day bill paying and accounting and bookkeeping procedures. You can also train your personal assistant to be able to send out offers with your specifications including all particulars involved with the standard procedures you use in dealing with a client. Your personal assistant can also update your calendar, take your messages, book flights, hotels etc.

Personal assistants can do these tasks so you can concentrate on creating more deals which is creating more massive and passive income for yourself.

God bless personal assistants!!!

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