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Reviews are the feedback from Canadian real estate investors.

Your financial life depends on the next step you take!

Here’s some word-for-word Testimonials from some of our  graduate students over the past few months…


Thanks Navtaj. You may have just paid for my course.

Thanks to your website

I am applying to CRA for my GST New

Residential Rental Property Rebate on 3 properties!!!!
Ken-Winnipeg-Manitoba Canada


“Canadian real estate investors apprenticeship is more practical real life training for Canadian real estate investors. The class size is small which makes more sense.The eye witness practical field training is the most interesting learning tool.I will recommend to those who are absolutely serious investors only.It is not for fainted heart”  Andy N-Edmonton-Alberta


Hi Nav,
I have a 75 yr old widowed aunt who recently purchased a home which needed some work. I visited her this weekend and brought the HRAP forms which we filled out.
Once again I would like to thank you for all you have done for me.
Best regards,
Ken Pawluk-Winnipeg

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Your success is our Passion!
Navtaj Chandhoke

Canadian real estat Investors LIVE Training and Coaching