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Database Building – Part 3

If you missed the previous article – Database Building – Part 2

Database Building and training

As a full-time Canadian real estate investor, we need to make the most from our time and learn not to waste time. We need to be doing important work such as creating more deals to increase our massive and passive income. In our training apprenticeships, one of the areas of focus is proper building of database.

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Flipping a Property You Don’t Own

Flipping a Property You Don’t Own

As a full time real estate investment professional, you need to create business for yourself that is not solely hinged on you coming up with money to put into every property acquisition. That is not really a business… that is only an investment. Flipping a Property you don’t own gets you to the next level.

That process can also be buying yourself a job …as a renovator, or buying yourself a job as a landlord. Both of these are far too dependent on using your time to make your profit happen. As a professional real estate investor, we have to make the best use of our time, which is our most precious commodity.

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