Hidden Profits in the form of Forgivable Canadian Grants

Hidden Profits

Canadian Grants

Hidden profits in forgivable Canadians grants are very imporant for Canadian Real Estate investors to know. The Real Estate Millionaire Secrets Apprentices (REMSA) went to the city of Hamilton to learn more about different investment opportunities and grant programs. Warmingly welcomed, we were introduced and showed by the government officials what types of grants, rebate programs and tax assistances are available.

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How to Profit from Foreclosures in Canada Part 1

Creating massive & passive income is what full time Canadian real estate investors need to do. Foreclosures can be a source of many deals for us, where we are helping people who have gotten themselves into a situation and allow them to downsize with dignity and with money in their pocket.

Profit from Foreclosures

Profit from Foreclosures

Profit from ForeclosuresSo, what actually is a Foreclosure?

Profit from Foreclosures Some provinces in Canada have power of sale, while others have foreclosures. A foreclosure is a legal action where if the person who got a mortgage or borrowed money stops paying back the mortgage, the lender can take action. The court can grant the lender in certain provinces the ability to take back or sell the borrowers house in a foreclosure.

Profit from ForeclosuresWhat is a mortgage ?

A mortgage is a contract between a borrower and a lender (or mortgagor and mortgagee) for the mortgagor to pay back the loan to the mortgagee. When you get a mortgage to buy a house, you borrow money so you can pay back that amount in installments.
So what happens if you miss a mortgage payment, or you can’t make a payment?

Do you lose your house? Lenders don’t want to foreclose on you. Why? The foreclosure process takes a lot of time and money.
So the lender mat give you forbearance, which means that they probably won’t start to foreclose until three months after you are in default.Profit from Foreclosures
The lender will start the foreclosure process if they start demanding payment and you do not respond. Try working something out with the lender, ignoring them is a really bad decision. .

In the next article, we will discuss how to make money in foreclosures as a real estate investor.

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Real estate cash buyers in Canada

Real estate cash buyers in Canada

Canadian real estate cash buyers are vital in investing in Canadian real estate. The fastest way to build your cash buyers list is to meet them in person at the Professional real estate investors group (PREIG) Canada’s network meeting.

Discounted deals and Canadian real estate wholesalers are looking to meet in person with Canadian real estate cash buyers at real estate investors group.

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Flipping Houses for Profit LIVE Training Real Estate Seminar

Flipping Houses for Profit LIVE Training Real Estate Seminar

Flipping Houses for Profit LIVE Training Real Estate Seminar presented by experts with proven track record.

Flipping Houses for Profit LIVE Training Real Estate Seminar is Mind Shifting, Thought Provoking, Life Changing, Wealth Building Information like you have never seen before from Canadian Real Estate investment expert.

LIVE training real estate seminar

LIVE training real estate seminar

Flipping Houses for Profit LIVE Training Real Estate Seminar will ultimately transform, exponentially grow and forever change-entirely, your life, your business, your future, and everyone else around you. Canadian Real Estate investment expert will share the secrets, strategies and techniques for making instant profits in Canadian Real Estate.

Flipping Houses for Profit

Flipping Houses for Profit LIVE Training Real Estate Seminar you will learn:

  • How to make Money Now and huge Positive Cash Flow
  • How to find properties 30-90% below Market value from the comfort of your home or office
  • How to ask the Canadian Tax man to pay your down payment
  • How to ask the government to pay your forgivable down payment
  • How to find deals on MLS which can be SOLD fare below market value.
  • How to utilize forgivable grants,rebates and Tax credits

How to put CASH on your pocket the day you close your first deal.

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Free Real Estate Seminar Guelph

Stop help Canadian Foreclosure and Power of Sales

Stop help Canadian Foreclosure and Power of Sales. Professional real estate angel investors have multiple solutions.One of the best one is to provide you cash.

Most of the Canadian home owners do not understand their rights. We are pleased to HELP them at no cost, no obligation basis. All we want to make sure that Canadian home owners who are  facing foreclosure or power of sale are treated fairly.

We might suggest them multiple solutions which can create win/win situation for banks and the home owners. We are known as PROBLEM SOLVERS at minimum inconvenience. It is fast.

We have the knowledge and experience to assist.

Avoid,stop or delay Foreclosure or power of sales in Canada

We are a professional network of Professional Real Estate Investors Group (PREIG) Canada specializing in helping fellow Canadians who are facing foreclosures or power of sale online.Foreclosure

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