Creating a Bird Dog Network Part 1

As a full-time Canadian real estate investor, we must do our best to creating massive and passive income. This includes driving more and more deals to us from as many sources as possible.

Did you ever wonder why other real estate investors seem to be closing on great deals and others are having issues just getting one deal from their realtor that make sense?

Bird Dog Network

Bird Dog Network

A career Real Estate Investor

As a career Canadian real estate investor, one has to create an arsenal of techniques and methods of attracting business in the form of good deals to you. This has to go way beyond relying on your realtor to bring you deals…you can go broke fast if this is your only source for deals.

I don’t have time to look for deals!

When you are a single real estate investor or perhaps you have a partner, you or your partner can only be in one place at one time. Even if your realtor is sending you lots of “potential” deals, you have to take time in order to qualify them (we’ll get into a second deal qualification technique in another article). What I am saying is you must have other methods of sourcing out deals in order for you to become a “deal magnet.” Real estate investing is just a numbers game…Once you become a deal magnet, it is just a matter of time before you are making money.

Bird Dog Network

So where should I start?

The first thing you must begin to create, and continuously add to is your bird dog network. What is a bird dog you ask? Well, back in the day, or perhaps even now, hunters would use dogs to find unsuspecting camouflaged prey lurking in some bushes. The dogs would not only lead the hunters to the prey but scare the poor animals out of their comfort zone into the open so the hunters could…well do what hunters do.

We need to use the same sort of methodology with our real estate business. We need to have people (bird dogs) out in the community looking for deals for us on a regular basis. You may be asking yourself, who are these people and why would they waste their time looking for properties for me? That’s a great question.

Indicators in your area

You may not realize it, but there are people you deal with on a regular basis that are in the communities of your town or city that see other people in your town or city that may have “issues” that are apparent that can be driving business to you. These particular issues may be symptoms of something going on under the surface that may spell trouble for this person or family.

Key Indicators

These indicators could be obvious such as getting their phone disconnected or their hydro turned off or their car repossessed. The indicators could be more subtle like unkempt grass and landscaping.

Subtle Indicators

Even more subtle is a guy coming to the door unshaven in the middle of the day with a robe on. You just never know, and how will you ever know unless you have bird dogs out there that are in situations on a daily basis that are knowingly looking for these indicators for the sole purpose of either telling you the address or giving that person with the “issue” your business card.

In Creating a Bird dog network Part 2, I will talk about who these people are and how you can get them to work for you for virtually nothing.

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For the nest article in the series – Creating a Bird Dog Network Part 2

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