Free Trips to Provide with Every Purchase

Free Trips to Provide with Every Purchase

As a full-time Canadian real estate investor, we must utilize every source to be able to create massive and passive income for ourselves. If we are just relying on one or two real estate agents to get us deals, then we are shooting ourselves in the foot, and we will become broke very fast.

How to sniff out the quality deals

As full-time Canadian real estate investors, it is of paramount importance that we get as many people looking for deals for us as possible: these are called bird dogs. The definition of a bird dog was discussed in a previous article. Briefly, a bird dog network can be pretty much everyone we know who we train to be continually looking for deals for us.

How can I ensure that my birddogs will find me deals?

Your bird dog network we must rewarded, and we must reward them handsomely. Bird dogs can be enticed to do business for us in a few ways:

  1. If we close on a deal that one of our bird dog members has brought forth to us, the first deal I will typically reward them 1000 dollars. I will tell them I will give them 1000, but write them a cheque for 1500.  Why? Because it is a good philosophy to under-promise and over-deliver. You will get many happy bird dogs working that much harder for you as a result.
  2. On a second property that they bring to me and I successfully close on it, I will tell them I will reward them 2500 dollars. Upon closing, I will give them a cheque for anywhere from 3000-5000 dollars.
  3. Now it gets better. After they have brought me the second property, I tell them if you bring me a third property, I will send you and a friend on a trip for two to the Caribbean, all expenses paid, five star hotel, on successful closing of the third property. Now this will probably cost me around 5000 or 6000, but if I am making on any of these previous transactions, $10,000, $20,000 or $30,000 and above, this business expense that I am giving them will not only provide excellent service in bringing me even more properties, but do you think this person will be telling his friends about you?
  4. You will be creating the strongest bird dog network that you can imagine, and properties will be coming to you an a regular basis, by hungry people wanting the benefits from bringing you properties. In conclusion, reward your birddog network well, and you will have a continuous flow of properties coming to you on a regular basis.


Happy Bird-dogging!

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