How to get everyone you know to work for you

How to get everyone you know to work for you

In previous articles, we discussed creating a bird dog network.

As a full-time Canadian real estate investor, one must create many sources of massive and passive income. If you are just relying on a single realtor to get you properties to increase your portfolio, you might as well get out of the full-time real estate investor business now, because it will only be a part-time business to you.

The importance of a Birddog Network

As a full-time Canadian real estate investor, the creation of a birddog network is key. In a previous article we discussed what a bird dog is, and the necessity of a birddog network to us. A birddog is essentially a specialty worker who is out in public and drives in neighbourhoods, deals with the general public in the neighbourhoods they work in and are able to see a potential “situation” in a property whereby they are able to alert us to that property. The workers constitute the likes of utility workers, food delivery people etc.

Why will they find me quality deals?

Before we get these properties we are able to train that birddog on the specifics to look for in determining if the particular property meets your needs. You reward the bird dog by successfully closing that property, we are able to pay them handsomely.

Apart from these specialty workers, who are out in neighbourhoods on a daily basis, how can we get even more people to work for us? By this I mean friends, neighbours and acquaintances.

How to get people to want to do business with you.

We must have a 30 -60 second speech that describes not only what we do, but shows the benefits. These benefits I’m referring to are the ways in which we will do business with the people they may refer to us. We will be honest and trustworthy people who will help the referred people in the most dignified manner. We also highlight, in our speech, the benefits to them and the people giving the referral. We will tell them they will be rewarded handsomely for referring a friend that may require our assistance because they are behind in their payments or whatever.

All Business, All the Time

As a full-time Canadian real estate investor, we must get right out of our comfort zone and discuss our business with everybody. As a full-time real estate investor we must represent our business to everyone, all the time. The more people we talk to, the more business we do, its simply a numbers game.

People you meet in your neighbourhood: neighbours, friends, a waitress, a person in a store that you are dealing with… all these people can be part of your birddog network. You will now continuously carry business cards with you. You must not be afraid at any point to tell them that you are a full-time real estate investor and that you can help them make more money.

“But how can you help me make more money?”

You will be asked this a lot. You say something like: “If you happen to come across anyone you know who is financial difficulty; has a problem with their property; behind on their payments… I am very sympathetic towards these situations, and I am in business to help these people. Also, when you refer those people to me, I reward you handsomely. If I am able to help them and I make money in the process, I will share that profit with you.”(you can outline your payment schedule i.e. $1000 first deal, $2500 second deal and so on). I can even send you and a friend on a five star trip to the Caribbean on the third deal you bring me.”

Let them know that you only do win-win-win deals: that is the way you have created your business model.
So, don’t be shy, get out of your comfort zone, and tell everybody that you know what you do and how they can benefit in the process.

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