Bandit Signs

Bandit Signs

As a professional Canadian real estate investor, one needs to be able to create many forms of advertising in order to attract quality deals that will generate massive and passive income.

Attracting the right deals

Obviously advertising is a huge part in attracting the right deals. As full-time Canadian real estate investors, we look for many different ways to advertise our business that do not cost us much money. One of the most economical methods of advertising is the bandit sign.

What is a bandit sign?

You have all seen bandit signs, probably on a very regular basis. If you have pulled up to left-turn lane at a stop light, you would have seen many bandit signs advertising different products or services. We can also utilize these signs because they are an excellent form of very inexpensive advertising which can get a lot of attention.

The bandit sign is typically made from corrugated plastic. An ideal size would be approximately 18” by 12” inches, although there are smaller ones that can be just as effective.

What are the best colours for catching people’s attention?

The best colour for these signs has already been proven in the advertisements for McDonalds, using yellows and reds. we can also use  black. The best background colour in a bandit sign would be yellow, with black or red writing, since it captures the most attention from the eye and can be seen from the farthest distance away.

Where are the best places for Bandit Signs?

One can utilize bandit signs in many different areas, but you must check with your municipality. To check, take a small tour and find out if there are already signs posted. If so, then it should be alright to post signs in that area.

Now, what usually happens is that a crew, usually one per municipality, is hired by the municipality whose sole job is to take down the bandit signs. For your signs to be effective, you have to know when and where to put them up.

First, the best place to put the up the bandit sign is in the left-hand turn lane. If it is at a busy intersection, there is normally a post immediately at the point where you turn left. This post is usually the one that has most signs on it. However, if there is a post further down from the end post, so away from the intersection, it may be a better place for your sign.

Usually, the best time to put up these signs is Friday evening after 4:30 pm.
Why? Because the crews that tear down these signs usually work from Monday to Friday, essentially between 8:30am to 4:30pm.

So if you put your signs up at 4:30pm on Friday evening, you get viewing by the public for Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday, and into Monday. And depending on where the crew is starting on Monday morning, you may get Monday, Tuesday, and perhaps Wednesday as well.

In our next article we will address the reasons why bandit signs are so effective.

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