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Testimonials from Real Estate Investors

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Rick Wheeler

Navtaj’s training has changed the way real estate investing is done in Canada!  He is bar-none the most creative investor I have met.  He shows a great deal of ethics & integrity while providing some of the most MIND BLOWING strategies you’ll find anywhere.  I have been to every so called, “Real Estate Seminar” across Canada, only to feel like I need CASH to really get started.  Navtaj will show you step-by-step not only how to create wealth without having to sacrifices your own money but also helping the seller in the process!  Perfect win/win situations are just the start of what you’ll learn!  I highly recommend Navtaj to anyone looking to take their real estate financial intelligence  to the next level!  He has changed the way I do business forever. Safe yourself the hassle and learn from the best! World Wealth Builders & Navtaj Chandhoke changed the way I look at Real Estate investing & put me on the path to independent wealth.  I feel privileged & honoured to call him a friend.

Brian d’Eon , CEO , DEON Enterprises Inc

“When it comes to savy real estate investing, nobody knows more than Navtaj. He teaches a wealth of strategies to help you make money and grow your business–including $0-down investing. Navtaj is a charming and caring professional who everybody loves.”

Jerry Cabral

Navtaj, provides excellent Real Estate Investing Training programs, and his group is an excellent source for networking. He is highly recommended by my senior partners.”

Tom Wu

Hi Navtaj, Thank you so much for your club meeting, I made my first two offers after “The art of writing an offer”, and they are all accepted. This is worth more than thousands of dollars I spent in those seminars, I can’t wait for your next club meeting. Thank you so much again!

Stephen Coon

Thanks for the great meeting tonight .Very good info. I made money just by attending through the knowledge I received. Thanks again Navtaj!

Brett Deguire

Navtaj has helped me in a number of different ways regarding real estate investing. He has opened my eyes to and taught me creative real estate investing, such as using a $2 deposit. Navtaj has been through many deals, has a lot of personal stories and many people have sought his advice. If you are not going to any of the PREIG Canada or World Wealth Builders meetings to learn from this wise investor, teacher, coach, and trainer then you are truly missing something within your real estate investing career.

Jim Kennedy Owner, The Corporate Smile

“Navtaj is a direct, personable, knowledgeable and trustworthy person. His involvement in the real estate industry is internationally known and respected. He is a mentor and advisor. A great person to call a friend.”

Paul Tobey,CEO,TrainingBusinessPros.Com

“As a CEO of a growing business, I often seek advice from those who have enjoyed major success with a specific initiative I wish to master. I continue to seek out Navtaj for his vast experience and wealth of knowledge on info-infomercials and business expansion. He earned our trust and we have identified him as a valuable member of our business network.”

Thomas Wong, Owner,

“Navtaj is a master real estate mentor. He knows more practical real estate investment strategies than everybody I know. He is a wealth of knowledge and experience in real estate investment. If you want to do any real estate investment, you need to know Navtaj and you need to join his club PREIG Canada and/or World Wealth Builders.”

Jarek Bucholc, Founder, Canada Real Estate Investors Club

“I have known Navtaj Chandhoke for years and in that time he has always been a source of incredible enthusiasm and knowledge. Very professional in his business and someone I would highly recommend to others. The most knowledgeable mentor in Real Estate and also personal live I have ever met in my live.”

Greg Gunn, TopGunn & Associates

Real Estate is Location,Location,Location add Navtaj Chandoke with his Knowledge,Knowledge,Knowledge and you have the perfect formula for your Real Estate endeavours .

Andy D’Silva

“Navtaj has proven to be one of the most influential Real Estate mentors in my life (Professionally and Personally). His insights on the Canadian and U.S Real Estate market have proven to be highly profitable. His strategic mind carefully craft legal real estate purchases that are artfully leveraged towards profitability for the Investor (aka me!). Thank You for entering my life and I would introduce you to my closest friends in a second! Have a great day!”

Peter Kinch, Best Selling Author, Speaker and Educator

“Navtaj is dedicated to providing education for real estate investors. His knowledge and experience is valuable to anyone looking for advice on real estate investment – he will know how to direct you to find the right answers.”


“Buying books and taking seminar notes may just collect dust on your shelf. If you want hands on, real life, step by step procedures to invest and make money in real estate…this will yield you 100 times the course cost!”

Lisa Richardson

”I have taken many courses prior to the Canadian Wealth Builders course but this is the first time that I walked away with more knowledge and answers than questions. I can hit the ground running!”

Cory Popescu

“Great course!

Practical knowledge! We always spend a lot of time so that everyone gets to ask their questions and fully understand the process. Thank you very much Navtaj and Gord for this wonderful experience!”