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ApprenticeshipLearn from the Canadian real estate experts with over 30 years of experience. During this exciting and action-packed Canadian Wholesale Real Estate Apprenticeship, Canadian real estate investors will learn how to buy properties at huge discount.These properties can then be held as positive cash flow rentals, or in some cases, flipped for an immediate cash profit!

Canadian real estate experts will teach you in 2 days LIVE Canadian Wholesale Real Estate Apprenticeship;

  • How to find wholesale properties across Canada
  • How to locate owners and negotiate with them
  • How to purchase and finance wholesale transactions
  • How to find Canadian hard money lenders
  • Techniques to quickly sell the property for instant cash
  • Closing strategies that make you instant profit
  • How to develop Canadian real estate  investor database
  • How to find deep discounted real estate deals from 30 to 85% below market value in Canada
  • How to find pre foreclosure deals across Canada
  • How to assign these deals before closing
  • How to protect yourself that no body goes behind your back
  • “Eye Witness” practical field training for Real deals 30-75% below current market value.
  • 60 days of virgin leads after Canadian Wholesale Real Estate Apprenticeship
  • 10 days of email support
  • Marketing tools (lead generating) on steroids for Canadian Wholesale Real Estate Apprenticeship
  • Canadian Wholesale Real Estate Apprenticeship  has been designed to show you how to create immediate cash and then structure that into wealth. Reality-based training coupled with topnotch instruction provides both an eye-opening and energizing experience. If property entrepreneurship is what you seek, then Canadian Wholesale Real Estate Apprenticeship  is a must.

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Please call 1-416-409-7300 to attend Wholesaling Real Estate Training LIVE In Canada.