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Canadian Real Estate investors training Seminar LIVE Toronto

Learn Real Estate’s top wealth building incredible million dollar secrets and strategies.
A rare and unique opportunity to hear from Canada’s leading Real Estate experts with proven record

Canadian Real Estate Seminar LIVE Toronto you will learn:

  1. How to make Money Now and huge Positive Cash Flow
  2. How to find properties 30-90% below Market value from the comfort of your home or office
  3. How to ask the Canadian Tax man to pay your down payment
  4. How to ask the government to pay your forgivable down payment
  5. How to find deals on MLS which can be SOLD fare below market value.
  6. How to utilize forgivable grants,rebates and Tax credits
  7. How to put CASH on your pocket the day you close your first deal
  8. Wholesaling real estate
  9. Quick flips
  10. Finding deep discounted deals, funding with Canadian private hard money lenders
  11. Cash Buyers
  12. How to increase the value of your property at no cost
  13. How to make Massive and passive income for life

Instant profits with Flipping Canadian Real Estate Investors Training seminar LIVE

Training Fee:  $49.99/person with manual


Time: 8:45: am – 1:45 pm

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