Creating a Bird Dog Network Part 2

Creating a Bird Dog Network Part 2

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Establishing a team

In the last article I spoke about the importance of building a network of bird dogs. Let’s discuss how these everyday people can drive business to you in order for you to make massive and passive income as a full time real estate investor. So, who are these bird dogs and how can you get them to work for you?

Bird dog – A review

First, let’s define a birddog. These are people out there in the community who either know people or come into contact with people that have “situations” and they can lead these people to you one way or another. There are lots of potential birddogs to discuss, so I’ll highlight just a few to get you thinking.

Sources for referrals

Pizza delivery guys congregate around 4:30pm at the pizza places. If you went up to them and asked them if they’d like to make some money on the side, you’d most likely get some good interest, don’t you think?

You explain yourself by saying something like: “ In your travels, keep an eye out for properties with tall grass, obvious neglect, or someone paying you in quarters. Please note the address and give it to me. If I end up buying the property, I will give you a referral fee of $xx.xx.” (I will talk about the amounts to use in another article)

Where else can I look for Birddogs?

Another source of great bird dogs are utility repair people. These folks are cutting off power or phones etc. These people can give your card to these people, telling them that if they are in a situation, to “call this person because they can help you if you need it.”

Help others first

Remember, a rule of this business (and in life) that I have used to be successful is: “help others first and the money will come as a result.” So if we can help people in situations, pay our bird dogs that bring us potential deals, then money will naturally and ultimately gravitate towards you.

A great referral source

Another great referral source for deals is from a hairdresser or a bartender. These folks come into contact with people who tell them everything. For these people you just need to leave them a stack of cards and let them know that if they hear of any unfortunate situations where a person is losing their house to the bank, needing to sell fast for whatever reason or have any other circumstance that they need a quick closing on their house, have them give you a call…because you can help.

Getting out of your comfort zone

Now here’s where the true discipline lies. Can you walk into every bar and or hairdressing salon and explain to the people what you do and how you can help them to make more money by referring you to their clients who may be in trouble?

We’ll get into how to pay your bird dogs in the next article.

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