While we are Networking

Networking As full-time Canadian real estate investors and entrepreneurs, we must continue to drive business to ourselves. Having only one or two sources of business for your deals will keep you from being as successful as you could be.While we are Networking

It’s always who you know!

We want to be able to have multiple sources of income and business coming in that will continue to give us massive and passive income. Networking is a key factor in driving business to us. The more people that know what we do, the more deals we will do. The more people that know that if they work with us, refer us, or joint-venture with us, the more money they will also make. So, you want to make sure that you are always on the minds of the people that surround you.

While we are Networking

How do we advertise while we are networking?

Well of course, we want to present ourselves in the best light. If you are going to a real estate investment networking group, you want to look successful, so always dress the part. As they say: dress for success.

That goes double if you are in any formal situation. Be that on a Board of trade, Chamber of Commerce meeting, or even if you are taking any courses in any related fields to real estate investing. Always look the part.

First impressions are everything as we know, and are a way of advertising one’s self, before one’s business is introduced.

While we are Networking

How do we advertise?

We must have a business card that is different than anyone else’s. Business cards are typically given to people and they are thrown out in the garbage the same day: they are given little to no value. We must make them different so that they stand out, and that they are valuable enough to the recipient that they will keep it in their wallet or pocket in order to be able to reference when they meet people they can refer you to.

So what does a memorable business card look like? Well I can tell you what it doesn’t look like: it’s got the name of your business, your logo, and your contact number. This is boring and generally ends up in the garbage.

Your business card needs to say how you can help the recipient and the people they refer to you, stating that you give money for a successful closing.

How do you get someone to ask for your card?

You never force your card on anyone: you want to get them to ask for it.

We need to speak about our business in a way that highlights how we help people that are in trouble, and that we reward people that bring business to us.

When you are speaking to somebody, all they are thinking about is what is in it for them, so we always want to speak to that. Deliver the point that if they will refer business to us, they will be rewarded.

The trust factor

You must also create a trust factor so that they know that if their best friend or relative is in trouble and they refer them to you, they will be taken care of in a most respectful and honest manner.

These are the things to highlight in your advertising while you are networking, because while you are networking, you are in a sense advertising, and remember: you must always be advertising!

Good luck!

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