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Three Tips for Millionaire Networking

As a full-time Canadian real estate investor we must do all we can in order to drive business towards us. This goes far beyond waiting for a realtor to bring us a list of properties that are deemed “good deals” in their mind. As an entrepreneur, we must be making massive and passive income in order to create a  successful  full time real estate investing business.

We must surround ourselves with like minded people in order to create, not just initial business, but referral business and joint ventures. There is business all around us, every day, everywhere we look, and we are just not aware of that.

To become successful, we must take advantage of every opportunity and understand where the opportunities lie. Well I am here to say that the opportunities are certainly everywhere, so we much be prepared at all times to be ready. Ready for any deal that comes our way and ready to speak to anyone (and everyone) about out our business. We need to have business cards at the ready, just in case for some unexpected moment so that you are prepared.

Tip # 1:

You must have a practiced speech that describes what you do, highlighting the fact that you give handsome referral fees to people that refer you business, and the people/deals that are referred to you are treated with dignity and respect. The person listening to you for the first time is standing there thinking….”what`s in it for me?” (WIIFM) You must let them know haw they will be compensated for referring you business.

Tip # 2:

Be able to “talk the talk” to  anyone who asks you about a particular situation. While networking it is important to be ready for any question. You must be able to react as a credible problem solver. If you can create confidence and trust in the people you speak with, you will remain on their minds when the time is right to refer you.

Tip # 3

It is typical to get a business card when conversing with a new potential business associate. Often these cards go directly in the garbage… Why? There are two main reasons:

The first is you have not left a good enough impression with that person and therefore they feel you are no use to them. Remember : WIIFM.

Secondly, your business card has to be something special that stands out and is unique. It has to give them a reason to keep it handy.If it is same old, same old, don’t expect to hear much form that person.

So get out there and network, observe these tips and expect more business.

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Your success is our business!
Navtaj Chandhoke


Navtaj Chandhoke

Your success is our business!
Navtaj Chandhoke
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