Rent to Own

Rent to Own is becoming very common in Canada due to current market trends. Rent to own have benefits for both the investor and tenant buyer as long as the market is stable. Learn more at

The perfect rent-to-own home for you in Canada

Many people will love to buy their own home, but they believe it  something that is to far to reach, for many reasons, bad credit, not enough down payment, or perhaps the type of house they live in, Or because of the expensive conventional mortgage.

The problem can be answered with a rent to own option.

With affordable payment plans we are able to offer a rent to own homes in Ontario as a real estate investment group.

Find the perfect rent to own lead for you and your family

• Let us know what kind of house you are looking for and in what area. We may already have a rent-to-own lead there for you. Or if not, we can find one.
• What do you want in a home and where are you looking?

Please learn more about rent-to-own first and we will get the process moving.

Rent to own can assist lot of first time home buyers to save the down payment and enforce the savings.
In next few months, you could be living in your dream home.


To contact us, you can email us at and call us at 416-409-7300

: the larger your deposit, the better your chances of being accepted into our rent-to-own program. Please be realistic in your budget expectations for the area in which you want to live. Only serious candidates will be contacted.


Your success is our business!
Navtaj Chandhoke




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