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Becoming a Successful Full Time Real Estate Investor


This is a continuation of  Becoming a Successful  Full Time Real Estate Investor – Setting goals

In order to be successful, both the rookie real estate investor as well as the veteran needs to continue to implement strategies to improve their business. There is always a way to sharpen your skills to create more success.  One of those necessary implementations is goal setting.

95% of people

Did you know 95% of people in this world do not set goals?  It is shocking to know most people do not have any kind of written goals.  They are floating like the ship without the rudder, letting the wind blow them wherever. They may be in a job they had no intention of getting, but are there for years; they may be in a relationship that they had no intention of being in, but are in it for years because it is easy. Now, I don’t want to sound like Dr. Phil here, but my point is if you have no clear, defined goals pertaining to your real estate investing business, you will have an unsuccessful or at best, very average business.

Part of the 5%

As a full-time real estate investor, we need to be part of the 5% that have clearly written, defined, tangible goals, that are cast out 20 years, 10 years, 5 years, etc, and then brought down to months, and then weeks. At that point you need to make daily “to-do” lists which keep you going.

Our goals, as a whole should include financial, relational, personal, spiritual, and educational goals. In terms of our financial goals, I have yet to see a real estate investor be entirely successful by having a goal of “I just want to make money.”

Tangible goals

I highly recommend that you have a tangible goal that you can, once achieving it, can touch, can feel, and can be proud of, and money will become a byproduct that comes from achieving that particular goal.

Long term and short term

So set goals for yourself that involve a long term plan, and a short term plan, and you will have the incentive to do what is necessary in order to accomplish these goals, and create a wonderful, rewarding, and lucrative business for yourself.

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Your success is our business!
Navtaj Chandhoke


Navtaj Chandhoke

Your success is our business!
Navtaj Chandhoke
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